Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quick! Change the subject!

Um, yeah. So anyway. (avoiding the subject of my blog absence)


I've found myself in a wonderful place of busy-ness. The kind of busy that at the end of the day, you too, want to just curl up next to your 4 year old at 8:30 to go to bed and blissfully dream. I thrive on being busy....I have my work busy-ness and my downtime business. In my downtime, I sew, knit, read, learn (always learning), watch documentaries, cook, play, take pics of the randomness around me, try something new (I've been embroidering!) and live in the moment with my boys.

"The busy" has required my absence here on my little blog but I hope to be back at it after the weekend.

But something to share....hmmm. Oh yes, I have another half-a** project that still needs completion after a year. I love it and have yet to wear it due to incompletion. I so would have gotten an "I" on my report card for this.


It's a cute, mod-looking dress that I sewed last year. The ONLY thing that I lack is sewing the hem. You can see the random strings and the lining showing but once I hem it up (and iron, blech), it will be ready for a night on the town. Isn't the blue so lovely? It reminds me of peacocks and I have an infatuation with peacocks. And the shoes! Aren't they ridiculous? I love them so!


Katie said...

It's totally cute- you work that color well. :)

BeautifulDisaster311 said...

Speaking of projects... You know what I'm about to ask. The purple baby dress?

Anonymous said...

That outfit is so you Amii. Good job.

BeautifulDisaster311 said...

PS--It's official. I now know that I read your blog too much because I dreamed that you were standing by your microwave (wherever it is in your kitchen) knitting me yellow and green potholders. Thanks, Amii. Haha!