Friday, May 1, 2009

Too Personal?

Hmm, sometimes Blogland can seem overwhelming to me...but then I realize that I CHOSE to put myself out there and I have to either like it or retreat. I choose to like it. There have been so many wonderful blogs that I have come across (check out my new list of fave blogs on the right!) and I have learned everything from how to sew, how to knit, how to decorate, how to cook and how to love my job as a mother and wife even more (there isn't a blog dedicated to that...I just find wonderful ways to make the "every day" more special and meaningful to all of us).

Anyhow, since my house is still reveling in its cleanliness, I thought I would show my bedroom....and then I thought about NOT showing my bedroom (you know, the overwhelming scary thing about Blogland) and then I decided that I would. There's nothing too personal about it...heck, I don't even have personal pictures up or any pictures/art for that matter! It could be anybody's room or you could see it on HGTV's "Rate My Space" (oh my gosh...such inspirational spaces there!).

So here it is in all its clean glory.


I had the color picked out almost 5 years ago (one apartment and 2 houses ago!) when I stumbled upon it at Restoration's called Silver Sage. It changes colors throughout the day depending on the light and it's the most serene, magical color I've ever had on my walls. It goes from a beautiful silvery-blue to silvery-green to an indescribeable silvery-grey shade in the evening.
See the 6 foot tall mirror? was about a $500 frame (there wasn't even a mirror in it!) that I found at Hobby Lobby. And guess what? I BOUGHT IT FOR $10!!

Anyway, switching subjects yet again...I have begun my epic journey of drinking more water. I've been a water drinker my entire life...I don't like soft drinks much (unless it involves Coke and Crown) and I'm not a big juice drinker. But, I've noticed that over a course of a year, I've been drinking less and less water, which means my daily input of fluids has dwindled drastically.

Well, I've made a tremendous effort and am on my 3rd day of drinking from this big dog:
That's right a gigantic 64 ounce water jug...exacly 8 cups of water. And the scary thing is that in a two hour window yesterday morning...I had drank the ENTIRE THING!!

The plus side is that I really have noticed that my skin is more dewy (sorry, super lame word you'd probably see somebody on HSN saying to hock their line of skin care products) and healthy looking...even Jason noticed it. And that's only after 2 days of drinking myself silly with water!

And dinner last night? OH...MY...GOSH. I'm not a huge fan of chicken since it gets old really fast but I made another recipe from this month's Everyday Food mag and it was too die for.

Honey-Teriyaki Chicken Thighs
Plain White Rice with scallions
Grilled Teriyaki and Mango Chutney Pineapple
Veggies with Dip

People, do yourself the biggest favor and make the chicken this weekend (you can find the recipe
HERE)! You can thank me for mentioning the recipe on Monday!
PS: I'm just about finished with the purple baby knit dress (thanks for the motivation Marissa!) so I'm hoping to have it seamed, blocked and embroidered by Monday for all to see!


Anonymous said...

Good job on the blog, I like all the pictures. Seriously, I feel like I'm reading Martha Stewart Living!

BeautifulDisaster311 said...

Yay, Amii! Can't wait to see the dress; it's cool to know that I was somebody's motivation for something, hehe!

Amii said...

Did you know that I started this blog, mainly as a way to share pics of Lawyer for family members to check out? It has definitely taken on a life of its own and I love getting to share what's going on around here!