Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Sorry, sorry, sorry! This past month has found me trying to tread water just so I can breathe. I have so much to blog about and so little time. Here's what has been going on:

*Lawyer turned 4 in September (I truly do have pics to share...just not today!)

*We've being doing some remodeling...a wall has been knocked down, lights have been put in, closets have been renovated.

*Jason and I had our 4 year wedding anniversary this month.

*MANY books have been read...I read the entire Twilight series in a week and now I've started them all over again because I fell deeply, madly in love with Edward and I wasn't ready to part from him just yet...Twilight the movie comes out next month!!!!!!! And the actor playing Edward looks like he's already living up to my physical expectations (I have a thing for vampires - always have and probably always will)!

*I'm trying to finish up knitting my scarf I started sometime this year.

*Friends have been visited, birthdays have been had, food has been eaten (even if it weren't of my own creation) and laundry is piling up.

*Panic! at the Disco will be in concert with the Plain White T's and Dashboard Confessionals and I'm hoping to go. Um, hello? Check out the lead singer (sitting in the chair)? Do you see a vampire-esqueness about him? Sigh.

*Oh and my mom bought Jason this painting (you may remember this from a previous post). It's so dark, mysterious, vampire-ish (seriously, I have vampire issues) and deeply disturbing and Jason and I LOVE it.

With all this having been going on, I'm SOOOO excited because Jason and I are headed to Miami on Friday and then we fly to Antigua on Saturday for a whole week of all-inclusive indulgences! I plan on chilling out so that when I get back, I can commence my blogging duties!