Thursday, May 28, 2009

Officially Summer


I love how Memorial weekend jump starts the beginning of summer. Lawyer's official last day of school for the school year was last Thursday so we have stayed busy doing absolutely whatever we want! What better way to depict summer than to be a naken 4 year old boy, eating a popsicle with your feet dangling in the pool at the end of a long, summer day. Ah!


Lawyer woke up unusually early on his first day of summer, slipped on his pirate pants and swabbed the deck...seriously, that's what he told me when I saw him outside with the broom.

Lawyer - TBall

And of course, you've got have T-Ball for your summer-time adventures.

I may go light on posts this summer...I'm so incredibly busy with work and something has to give so that I can still maintain my time with my family. I'm thinking of doing just a picture each day to share what we are up to. We'll see...staying away from my blog is like taking a huge part of my creativity away.

Until next time!

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