Friday, May 29, 2009

Backyard Adventures


Some days I have to wonder who is really into being a little kid - Lawyer or myself. Since Lawyer's been out of school all this week, I really wanted to have lots of fun with him at home but, alas, Granny and Papaw's house is WAY cooler than hanging out with your mom.


Yesterday, I got this brilliant idea to make a tee pee out of garden stakes and a half-finished quilt so that Lawyer could have a change of scenery. It really was quite cute - Lawyer ate popsicles and watched a movie in it.


Lawyer, by the way, isn't this pale, pasty white in's just how I did the post-processing. I happen to love it when he's really white since it looks so beautiful on him.

Wolf Spider

We've had lots of questionable visitors around the yard, what with the Texas rat snake and this little fellow. I researched him and found out it's a wolf spider. I like to investigate what things are since I find no need to kill off every creature - if it's harmless, it stays. He will stay...if he bites, it's like a mosquito bite.


I made this random concoction for lunch the other day. I was feeling adventurous not wanting to read a cookbook and all. It was some cut-up veggies I had in the fridge that I threw onto some lettuce leaves and then made ramen noodles (without the seasoning packet) that I tossed with a peanut sauce I made. It was alright, definitely not what I'm used to eating when I eat Ina Garten, Ruth Reichl or Martha Stewart recipes.

Sago Palm

My dad bought this 28-135mm lens that is really awesome (by the way, Dad, I think I forgot to tell you what I thought about it!). I was about 12 inches from the center of this sago palm and the detail truly is amazing. In fact, all the above pictures were taken with may be a new go-to lens for me.

Anyhow, it's FRIDAY!!! We've just got a few plans: last t-ball game, a birthday party to go to and go see the movie UP. The rest of the time? We'll be hanging out by the pool! Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

How do you make the peanut sauce?

Wish I could be hanging out by the pool!


Amii said...

I don't know...I threw in a few tablespoons of creamy peanut butter, added a dash of rice wine vinegar, put in a couple of pinches of red pepper flakes, a little bit of coconut milk, just a touch of soy sauce and a teaspoon or so of fresh's that for a recipe! Haha!! It definitely could have been better but it worked for me at that particular moment.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good! Did you cook all that or just mix it up?

Amii said...

Nope, just mixed it up in a bowl and then dumped the noodles in once I took them out of the boiling water.