Saturday, January 31, 2009


I've been thinking a lot about how I occupy my space here on this planet. I know why I'm here, God put me in this planet, specifically in Texas in a day and age where so many luxuries are to be had. Way unlike had I been born in 11th century England as a pauper, literally living off the land - lucky to have a coat or shoes. God specifically wanted me to be born in 1979 and live with my family in Texas today, and I know that.

What I'm talking about is HOW I live and contribute to my tiny corner of the world. Now, this is where my family begins to roll their eyes and think what a "hippie" I truly "world ideology" as they probably think of it. But actually, I have more a 1940's-1950's personnae than a radical '60's view.

What if...

...we began to sew our own clothing again?

...we began growing our own fruit and vegetables in our own backyards, or joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in our area?

...we realized that the 1/4 mile distance to the grocery store was actually better served "walked" than driven?

...we got rid of the 10 TV's per house and actually started acting like "families" rather than "roommates"?

...we valued hand-made fun over "Made in China" mass-produced Martha Stewart hand puppet kits (sorry, we just bought those, that's why I put it down)?

...we played at the park, went on a walk, rode our bikes, etc. instead of "pretending" we are doing those things with video games?

...we bought food that wasn't fast or bought food that wasn't from a box?

...we were truly thoughtful about our purchases to buy as much "American-Made" items as possible?

For as many faults as I see about how we as Americans live, there are so many wonderful things about it as well. We get to CHOOSE how we want to live, more or less. We get to CHOOSE to be more successful or live in a nicer house. We get to CHOOSE where we buy our food from. There are so many places in the world that the people are told how to live, where to live and what they can eat.

I think if we were to make better choices, even small ones, we as a nation could have a hugely (is that a word?) positive impact on our country. So what do you say, let's make good choices together America! Let's take advantage of our ability to be free in our decision-making! Let's not be "robots" to our society any longer and take responsibility for OUR country. Let's loose some of our "fat" and be active members of our society!

Thank you from one June Cleaver hippie to another.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Rare Day

We live in Texas. Period. The End.

Just kidding. How that should read is, snow in these here parts are few and far between. And "snow" to us means anything that isn't rain that is falling from the sky and it's cold outside. It "snowed" last night and honestly it looked and felt like snow cones, as in the icy, hard stuff you get from a road-side snow cone vendor during the summer.

To a little boy that has only seen "snow" twice in his life, it was HEAVEN. First thing he did was get bundled up to go play for about an hour and a half this morning.

By the way, this little dude... related to this big scary-looking dude...
Sorry. I think I have now gotten this picture out of my system.

Okay so none of these pictures really depict him playing in snow but the lighting is spectacular with photos, especially in the shade!
This is the color version of the black and white above with creepy-looking guy.

Oh! And I LOVE when I can get a picture of myself in Lawyer's cool!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Swedish Meatballs with Lingonberry Sauce

Mmmm. I love Swedish meatballs. There is something very comforting and homey about a bowl of meatballs with gravy and then something even more exciting when you put a dollop of lingonberry sauce on the side.

Recipe can be found

Friday, January 23, 2009

I (heart) Pink!

After being surrounded by nothing but boys, my SIL is having a baby girl soon. Check out the delicious candy-striped sweaters I found at Target...all this stuff cost me only $15.00 TOTAL!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Satisfied and Accomplished

That's how I feel about my first shaped knitting project I completed on Thursday...a baby hat for a soon-to-be born baby niece.

I even started a second one that is coming along even faster than the first.

Since I'm an "old soul", I only find it appropriate that I love to knit, read, sew, garden and cook. I am probably a rare breed when I say that I look forward to getting older so that I can have my two white rockers on the front porch, knitting or reading, and watching the sun rise or set. I would even like a porch swing and I would make Jason some sweet sun tea (if you aren't from the South, you probably have NO idea what that is!).

My mom even gave me my "old-timey" name....Gladys. It could not be more fitting, although I really liked the names Pearl, Lucille and Cecille.

Oh and this doofus was named Homer, although I forget that name and then call him Herman:

Hahaha! I guess now I can call Homer's son...


Friday, January 16, 2009

All is Well...

Lawyer's surgery for ear tubes and adenoid removal went well. The pre-op was disastrous and embarrassing and I was wanting some "giggle juice" really bad but he finally got loopy enough to be taken back into surgery.

He's sleeping soundly as I type and I pray that pain will be minimal for him (tubes aren't painful but having your adenoids scraped out of the back of your nose through your mouth comes with it's fair share of pain). We'll be drinking lots of water and eating lots of pop-pops (orange, specifically).

Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just Because...

Some of the pictures either I just absolutely love, feel God's awesome power, crack up about or am just plain creeped out enjoy!

This poor guy...

had to do this to get any food around here...

This went from bad...

too worse (gross, doesn't he look like an inmate from Alcatraz in the early '70's having his picture taken for a documentary on high-security prisons?)

Driving to Houston...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Christmas Whirl - Part One

Ahhh. I think I can finally breathe again. December is usually a crazy busy month for us all but it seemed undoubtedly the busiest I've experienced ever. And the best one yet.

I really don't have words to express my feelings on December and Christmas. Sometimes, just keeping it locked away inside to cherish by yourself is all that can be done. So, I bid you a Happy New Year as you enjoy our pictures from the past few weeks throughout the day.

First up, cookies for Santa:

Food for the Santa's reindeer - apparently their favorite food is oatmeal, sugar sprinkles and assorted dried fruit...who knew?

Christmas Eve at Granny and Papaw's house:

Somebody came early to our house:

I love these plates that Lawyer makes every year at school!

Up Next...the BIG day!