Thursday, May 7, 2009

How to create your own sunshine...

When the clouds won't go away and you are in some serious need of sunshine,
what should one do?


Brighten up some body's day!


Lawyer and I made some cookies and picked some flowers to take as a special delivery to Granny. It brightened up all of our days for sure!


Okay, I've still made dinner every night, I've just been absent from this little blog of mine. Oh and to set the record straight (not that anybody has asked) the reason I've been posting pics of my dinners is not because I feel the need to document every mundane detail of my life. It's because I feel accountable when I can post a pic of our forces (well, force may be a tad too harsh) me to make dinner every night and so far it's worked!

Here's what you've missed (I can hear the tears, people...or is that crickets?):



Tortilla Soup
Cheese Quesadillas
(the pic above were of the accompaniments to the soup...the soup wasn't all that beautiful to picture, but it was very delicious)



Thai-Style Steak Salad



Turkey Cobb Salad (minus the turkey...I went for store-bought rotisserie chicken instead)
Also, I find the blue cheese to be a tad too overwhelming for me. I mean I like blue cheese and all but sheesh!


And a secret knitting mission is under way...I'll share at a later date!


Anonymous said...

Ok so I just can't begin to tell you what a wonderful surprise it was when Lawyer and Amii showed up at my door with the beautiful flowers in 1 hand and the package of cookies in the other! And what a proud little boy he was to present me with the gifts from their hearts! And the dinners?? WOW I was honored to be there for the Thai Salad and the Cobb Salad! Both........ to die for! I'm such a lucky Mom and Granny! Not just on Mothers Day... EVERYDAY! Thanks ya'll

Anonymous said...

The secret knitting project was for me for mothers day! I got the most amazing knitted gift bag that turned into a pillow cover and 2 knitted wash cloths! Can't wait to have Amii take pics and post them! Quite creative gift wrap! LOVE THEM! Thanks Amii!! MOM