Monday, May 11, 2009

The BEST Mother's Day...EVER

Wow, what a great weekend! My boys showered me with love and presents to honor me for Mother's Day. They got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the most wonderful colors and I got a grill tools set (now, I know that there are so many mother's that dread the whole "kitchen gifts" thing but seeing as I love to cook and I'm the grill master in our house, I was overjoyed!). They took me to my favorite restaurant where I stuffed myself silly with fried green tomatoes, grilled halibut, margaritas and the best apple crisp.

Lawyer's Present

And this is what I've been waiting for all these Mother's Days...Lawyer's first handwritten messages to me.

Lawyer's Card

Ah, be still my heart.

Lawyer and Mommy

And the gift he made at school was precious...a framed picture that he created. (There's a story on the shaved deserves its own post so I'll wait)


I think Lawyer took the "kick back, relax, it's your day" personally for himself.

And for my mom? I gave her this:

Mom's gifts

I got her a One Year Bible (wrapped in the green leaf napkins), a delicious gardenia scented soy candle, a yummy chunky green verbena soap bar (wrapped in tissue paper), a tub of aloe vera sugar scrub, two knitted wash clothes (that I gave a sneak peak of last week) and the knitted gift bag everything is sitting on? It became a pillow.

Mom's gifts

I got the idea for the
wash clothes from the Purl Bee. I didn't even bother to look at their instructions...I just knit a seed stitch border around one with just knitting in the center and the other one is 2 strands of yarn knit in only seed stitch. It's my favorite one. It's all lumpy bumpy and has a massaging quality to it. I've got plans to knit myself a whole set for us to have.

Mom's gifts

The bag was kind of a last minute project that I adapted from Joelle Hoverson's (owner of Purl)
Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I used two different strands and knit it all in the round. It was supposed to be this dainty gift bag and before I knew it, I had knit a 11"x20" bag that an 11.5"x21 pillow form just happened to fit perfectly in. So once I gave my mom this "bag" full of the goodies, I slipped the pillow form in and sewed it shut. I love 2-for-1 gifts. I'll get a pic of the finished pillow so I can share!

It was truly a wonderful weekend! I hope your's was too!


Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers Day!
What's your favorite restaurant?


Amii said...

Fish City...I only eat their "Specials" and their oyster nachos, margaritas, and apple crisp are AMAZING!!

Anonymous said...

Yum! Sounds good. I never like fish until a few years ago. Now I love sushi and can't get enough. I would have it every night if I could.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the amazing Mother's Day gifts! I've already used them OF COURSE!! The pillow is amazing! The wash cloths, so soft. The candle, ummmm so Hawaii like. The soap so soothing. and the 1 Year Bible, wow so amazing. I've wanted that Bible forever! Thanks for putting so much thought and love into my Mothers Day! Mom

Katie said...

Don't worry- I'm a bad commenter- but an avid reader! I'm always up to date. Happy belated Mothers Day. :)

Amii said...

Thanks everyone! Also, I write this blog without the intentions that people actually read it, especially comment. But when you read it and comment, it's always an unexpected surprise! Thanks!