Monday, March 2, 2009

Green Week & Such

Green Week 2009

So this week will be Green Week around here. I had a bunch of fun with the Yellow Week installment and I'm hoping to find inspiration with this green thing. So far, I've not felt very inspired but it's just the beginning of the week, right? Much more room for improvement.


Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE my red bud tree in the backyard. I've already gotten to experience one full seasonal year with it and it did not disappoint. As I took Lawyer to school this morning (yeah!), I noticed so many things blooming: bradford pears with their white blossoms, wisteria vines, the mesquite trees with their plume-y green lushness and also, the red bud tree in my back yard.

Spring is in the air!

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Anonymous said...

You're so creative. I wish I lived closer, we would have fun taking pics together. Your green picture reminds me of some things I have taken pictures of. Last year I took some close up pictures of my hen and chicks. Those turned out really cool. Good to talk to you this morning!