Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Garden Variety

This is what I'm growing this year in my TINY garden (seriously, I have about a 20"x5' area that everything is shoved into...except the tomatoes, I have three plants in their own container):


Parsley - It made a comeback...I didn't know it would do that but all three of my parsley plants came back strong.

Jalapenos - (No Picture) I planted 9 of these babies since I was so pleased with the one plant I had last are beginning to bud out so I should have TONS of jalapenos in about a month and a half.

Red Bell Pepper

Red Bell Pepper - Haven't planted this before but I have flowers coming up on it so that's good.

Green Bell Pepper

Green Bell Pepper - Same as the red bell pepper.

Sugar Snap Beans

Sugar Snap Beans - First year trying this out but look at my little sugar snaps!

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes - Last year's tomato plant was a huge disappointment, and I mean huge! The darn thing grew to be a monster at over 6 feet tall and not one stinkin' tomato! I had TONS of flowers and the leaves smelled so delicious but it was not cooperating with tomatoes at all. This year, I thought I would try 3 plants and hopefully at least one of them will bear fruit.

I also have a monstrous rosemary plant that Lawyer loves to walk by grab the leaves and smell. Oh, it is amazing!

Speaking of amazing...check out what my AMAZING husband surprised me with last night! A double-chaise lounge!!

Total Surprise!


Anonymous said...

You know you're spoiled right?!


Amii said...

Maybe just a little? I can't help that Jason loves "Big Mama"!

Anonymous said...

OMG don't let her kid you about "big mama" she's a stick! If you are big mama then what am I? Big Granny? Nah I don't like that much! You look amazing and yes maybe spoiled just a tad but good for you!! You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Big Mama? Who named you that! I believe she's a stick. Yes, maybe spoiled just a tad!