Monday, March 23, 2009

Knit Picky

A few new things I have begun knitting that have stretched my knitting abilities...

Silver's Socks

Socks!! We'll see how it goes with the heel-turning and toe knitting but this has been fun! Knitting with 4 needles has been an extreme challenge but I love how the ankle portion of the sock is turning out and this yarn is amazing so far to knit with.

Ribbed Lace Bolero

Ribbed Lace Bolero!!

Ribbed Lace Bolero

The color? Fabulous. The pattern? Folksy, vintage and modern, all in one. I, so far, "heart" this bolero pattern. I can not wait to finish it up so that I can slip it on over a cute sundress or a tank. I have a feeling that I'll need to make several for myself. Knitting "lace" has been so challenging but hey, that's why I like have to try something new and what do you have to lose? Just some yarn and your time, although I believe that your time is NOT lost since you are practicing to get better.

I've frogged two knitting was the cabled scarf since the yarn was hideous to touch. It felt like a goat was wrapped around my neck. Yuck. The other project will re-commence, I just messed up the pattern and had to completely frog it. I need to get the socks, baby sundress and my bolero finished up before I start on the secret project.

Anyhow, I would say that's all but I have some FAB things to show and share this week that has been going on around here....BUT here's a sneak peak...

Living Room


katie said...

is that black or blue? it's awesome either way.

Amii said...

It's midnight (navy)...I LOVE it...we actually had painted our dining room the same color in November and Jason and I decided it would look awesome in the living room...I'll post more pics when we are finished with it!