Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ode to Spring


I love spring...have I mentioned that before? If so, my apologies, but I do love spring. I'm solar-powered, heat-powered, plant-powered, etc. so I can't wait for spring.


To rejoice in the spring-like weather we are getting to enjoy, Lawyer and I ate our breakfast outside at 7:30 this morning. By the looks of him, you would think I threw him out into freezing temperatures but he's a weird one.


As usual, he makes all attempts to NOT get his picture taken but I'm wily, I am. He usually likes to ask me "what are you taking a picture of?" when I am clearly pointing the camera at his face and I always try to be sly and say "I'm trying to get a picture of the strawberries on your plate" and he doesn't buy it.


Once again, in the car, he claimed he was cold (even though it was pushing 70) and he put on his big parka of a coat.

Lawyer cracks me up...he is as independent as can be and doesn't make any bones about it.


Oh and I was walking down the stairs last night and this is what I see at the bottom of the stairs...Lawyer kicked off his WAY TOO BIG jeans (I swear they fit him in the waist a few months ago) and boots all in one swoop. It was too funny!

On a side note, I dropped my freaking iPhone in the pool today while trying to brush off the pool steps. Everything APPEARS to be okay with it, other than the random messages that pops up on it and I can't talk to anybody on it unless I have my headphones on. "Damn it, I can't have anything nice!"

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BeautifulDisaster311 said...

That picture of Lawyer's boots and jeans is too funny. Reminds me of a collapsed marionette puppet.