Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lawyer's Photography

This is a drawing of Lawyer's that he decided to photograph. I'm sure there are so many people that would FREAK OUT to give their 4 year old their digital SLR camera but I do (and have been since he was 3).

Here's how I see it: if I don't teach him how to properly hold the camera and respect it, then he never will. He'll come to think of it as something that is untouchable and we know how untouchable things MUST BE TOUCHED. So he actually picks up my camera from time to time, turns it on, holds it properly and shoots whatever he feels like shooting - I especially love when he's maneuvering the focus ring. Sometimes I know he's taking pictures and other times, I just happen to stumble upon his work when I'm downloading pictures to my computer.

Lawyer "set-up" this picture. He specifically turned out the lights in my office, took off the lamp shade, turned on the lamp and took the picture. I love that he composed it himself, he thought about what he wanted and did it.

This is obviously something important enough for Lawyer to take a picture of. It's his workspace in my office. He spends lots of time there if I'm needing to work.

Here is something that Lawyer likes to play with, although I'm not too fond of it (you can read about it here). My dad travels 5 days a week and every other day he's usually in a different state so we like to find the state where Papaw happens to be. It's a great way to teach the state names.

This is a common find in my office. I don't like for my knitting needles to be left out on the floor (I can so see myself stepping on these - I actually stepped on a matchbox jet of Lawyer's a while back and the damn thing actually went into the bottom of my foot!) but Lawyer threw a bunch of them in the air like he would be playing Pick-Up Sticks. I'm sure Lawyer associates these with me. Oh and if you are wondering, that is actual glass on the floor. I have a 4'x4' piece of glass that my office chair sits on - I have a glass man for a husband and he says it's okay so it must be okay, right?

Ooh, I love the boldness and contrast of the colors here. Who knew that a tape dispenser was worthy to be photographed and could look so stylish?

Way to go, Lawyer! I happen to think Lawyer's trip into the photography world is wonderful. He may or may not grow up to want to take photography any seriously than just grabbing the camera to snap some pics (that's all I do!) but at least he is given the opportunity to possibly nurture that area of his life.

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