Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pretzel Time

Yeah, so we made "home-made" in, I made them at home (doesn't necessarily mean that it wasn't from a kit though).

Lawyer loves to help in the kitchen (thank goodness, I'm about sick of people that are helpless in the kitchen) so we decided to make pretzels. Now, it needs to be noted that I have never been a fan of pretzels of any sort: the ballpark pretzels, th mall pretzels, crunch twisted pretzels from a bag, etc.
So remember my little side note that I don't like pretzels? Well, Big Mama (that's me - Jason's affectionate pet name for me) ate not one pretzel, not two pretzels...but three FREAKING pretzels.

And then I wonder why I'm not the same size that I was in high school. I should always ponder on why this could be. Hmmm.


Anonymous said...

I recall you eating about a dozen donuts one Saturday morning. I always wondered how you were so stinkin skinny after doing stuff like that! I would wonder about you if you were the same size as high school!

Amii said...

Hmmm, maybe I should go back to eating a dozen donuts then? Haha!! And if I recall, you were pretty skinny as well, yet you ate things like sliced strawberries and healthy sandwiches, that's what I should have been eating!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like your pretty healthy yourself with all your gourmet cooking! I'm impressed. Where do you find the time for all that! Plus, a little bit of pretzels or ice cream here and there is good for you. Tommy and I always eat whatever we want on Saturday's. I look foward to it. Mmmm. Send me some pictures of your house! It looks really nice.