Monday, February 23, 2009

They Say It's Your Birthday...

Guess What?

Food Photography


Food Photography

is my...

Food Photography

blog's FIRST birthday!

Check out this post to see where it all started!

Oh and if you notice, my pictures are now much more crisp and clean! I decided to move on from uploading photos through Blogger and instead grab the HTML code from my Flickr's such a HUGE difference in quality! Oh and if you really want to experience the photos at the highest quality, you can click on each picture or you can visit my Flickr to see all my photos I've uploaded so far!

I think this was a great birthday present to my blog...shiny, new, top-quality looking photos!
Also, I just re-posted all my food photography photos in my last post so now they should look WAY better than the icky way they were looking!


Anonymous said...

Do you have to pay for your Flickr account? I put some pics on there but it didn't let me put very many without asking me to pay.
Just wondering!

Amii said...

Hey Tara!

Well, I haven't paid for a subscription just yet but I plan to. I paid for a subscription for our TRENDY blog and I love that since you can make different categories and such.

I would love to see your pictures, email me your flickr name if you wouldn't care!

Hope you are doing well!