Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Gifts: Hit or Miss

I'll try to keep my ramblings short for this "toy" post, which is apparently a great challenge for myself.

Here is a gift that I really thought I was going to absolutely love. A map of the United States puzzle that "speaks" out the state's name, capitol, and nickname when you put the state in its correct place.

While I love the concept, even though I'm not a "talking" toy kind of gal, there are some things that are VERY wrong with this gift.

Check out New England. What in the hell were the toy manufacturers/developers thinking when they created this item? The tiny states, such as Delaware, Connecticut, New Hampshire, etc, have been clumped together to make one puzzle piece that is a horrible representation of the individual states and, even worse, when you put the multi-state puzzle piece in the correct area, it blurts out ALL the states that have been thrown together, along with their capitals and nicknames. I hate this about this gift. It makes me want to return it but I think it's overall ability to give state recognition (for the most part), is an okay idea. I definitely don't plan on having this electronic, sorry-excuse-for-a-map-of-the-US be the sole educator of the US map for my child. I'm already planning on making state cards (they are called 3-Part cards in Montessori education) that will show the shape of the state and then the state's name typed out below the state.

Anyhow, I'm border-line on this gift...not certain whether to embrace it or be embarrassed for it. We'll see what Lawyer thinks about it when he receives it.

If you would prefer to purchase this "iffy" puzzle map, you can buy it

Had I really done my research for a US map puzzle,
visit here to see what I should have bought instead. I LOVE this map since the pieces can be used for a tracing activity.

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