Wednesday, April 9, 2008

To Market, To Market

Ah, the farmer's market. There's something so old and new about it at the exact same time. I know it's been around for a very long time but as the convenience of supermarkets took hold in our country, the farmer's market, even thought it never really disappeared, really just became a distant memory.

We went to the Farmer's Market a few weekends ago and we had such a great time. Jason and I really felt like kids in a candy shop only our "candy" was ruby red tomatoes, emerald green cucumbers, sweet yellow onions, and all sorts of fruit.

Lawyer had one thing on his mind: WATERMELON. From the time we left for the market until we got there, all the kid could think about was watermelon.

We even got to check out some of the plants and pottery section of the market and of course we had awesome views of downtown. That's the coolest thing to me, the Farmer's Market has bee around for at least 60 years in that exact same spot and yet buildings leaped from the landscape and surrounded it.

I love the market. I love anything that brings you down to a more simple time, where a good ol' boy sold you fresh tomatoes from the back of his pickup on the side of the road...and you know he had on overalls and a John Deere hat!

And there's something about seeing a 6'5" guy walking through the stalls carrying a vintage-inspired daisy yellow tote!

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