Sunday, April 20, 2008

Reading, Writing & Arithmatic

Lawyer is a very smart little boy. Part of it is because that IS him and part of it has been cultivated from a school that caters to his learning style. He goes to a Montessori school out in the country and it is everything I wish I had in a school when I was a kid.

The whole concept behind Montessori is self-paced learning. They also work on independence, social responsibility, and respect....something today's kids desperately need in today's world.

One of the most amazing things is watching Lawyer begin to write. He is learning to write his full name, which is a tremendous feat in and of itself! So watch as Lawyer is intent upon writing his name using our homemade "lightbox" (aka the window) and tracing over his letters.

Man, this kid looks intense!

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