Monday, April 14, 2008

Dallas Play Day

The other day when we went to the Farmer's Market, we also decided to stop at City Hall to soak up the remainder of the day. The clouds were insane, the wind was fierce and Lawyer was just happy to run wherever he pleased.

The clouds were amazing, it literally took your breath away at how magnificent each cloud was. The rays of sun would peak from behind the cloud and then they would explode into radiant beams.

Lawyer was doing his best to make me happy for some pictures.

The flags flying over City Hall were huge...I felt like one of the kids in "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" against a blade of grass.

The spinning red balls in the water was Dallas' ode to modernism, I suppose. They rather made me dizzy since they were spinning pretty fast.

Some more modern sculpture.

And here is Lawyer chasing down his daddy on City Hall grounds. I'm not sure if they were playing tag or if Lawyer was playing out some revenge. Curious...

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