Friday, April 11, 2008

A Puzzled Boy

My 3 year old has a fondness for anything that is technically "too old" for him. He's always up to a challenge and won't accept any mediocrity in his life. He can't just be average at something...he HAS to be phenomenal (his newest word he's been taught) at it. And you better believe that if something is not up to his standards, the 3 year old will come out in him and with adult words, he will whine that "It's not perfect".

Case-in-point: Lawyer LOVES puzzles. He always has since he was old enough to pick up the puzzle pieces with wood peg holders. And since he was a baby, he's been very "perfect" at putting the more challenging ones together.

Yesterday, Lawyer was seriously at work on our kitchen floor putting together a Mickey Mouse puzzle that wasn't age-appropriate AT ALL. Yes, my child loves 100 piece puzzles...he's 3, mind you.

And he has NO problem putting them together. He loves using problem-solving skills, which amazes almost everyone around him.

He always thinks about the pieces and never forces a piece in it's place because in Lawyer's world, if you have to force it, it probably doesn't belong there (hey, great philosophy, right?).

This child is bound for greatness (especially since I've already said he won't accept mediocrity) and, yes, I believe it's daily things like puzzles that show a child's character and their possibilities. Oh, and in case anyone out there thinks that we are those weirdo parents that "force" our child to be perfect...come check out our house of chaos and you would definitely know that this child just doesn't want to be anything like his parents!

Happy Friday and I'm sure I'll have even greater things to report from our household after the weekend!

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