Thursday, April 3, 2008

Belated Easter Pics

This is a little late but I thought I'd post some cute egg-decorating fun of Lawyer getting down and dirty dying eggs.

Before the sickly-green-looking hands appeared, this is what Lawyer did look like. A very young handsome bachelor ready for church on Easter. He wouldn't stay still long enough for me to get any great full-length pics and I don't have a telephoto lens for my camera (boo hoo!).

Lawyer is a bit of a perfectionist and he's three (that's a tad understated...if something doesn't happen just like he wants it to, he starts to whine "It's not perfect!") so he took the egg-dying task VERY seriously.

Another picture of the egg-dying process. This is very serious and scientific business.

It's amazing to me that people are obsessed with eating the ears of the chocolate bunny. I think I should research this phenomenon to find out the psyche of people and the obsession of getting to eat the ears.

Hope everyone had a HAPPY EASTER!

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