Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dirt=Boys and vice versa...

Ahh, the fresh smell of dirt has been in the air around here. And that curious magnetic dirt field found, who else, a 3 year old boy itching to get in it.

I'm not certain what the attraction is to dirt, but the male species seems to find an insatiable appetite for it.

Of course, I wouldn't mind having anything else on my mind but dirt from time to time.

I seriously want to know what this kid is thinking while he plays in the dirt. The whole time I'm stating aloud how nasty it smells but secretly loving the stench at the same time...it was kind of a mixture of "dirt", manure (this stuff is seriously like catnip to me!) and rotten compost.

Quick Math Lesson: Tractors plus a huge mound of dirt equals one extremely happy boy (this is his poker face, apparently).

This is the part where Lawyer picks up a handful of the beautifully stinky dirt and throws it at me...

Apparently he didn't like my reading material...or maybe he thought I was too clean for sitting near a huge dirt mound.

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Angie McDowell Garza said...

I love rich, dark dirt like this. It's so earthy. ang