Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Go Rockies!!

Lawyer's Opening Day Parade for baseball was on Saturday and Lawyer was less than enthused. He was not feeling well and the weather was not the best but the parade went on. His first game was hysterical since you have these super teeny-tiny kids out there all dressed up in there baseball gear attempting to play the "game". Lawyer, once again, did not want to be there but he was sick so I can't hold it against him :)

Here is Lawyer kicking up the foul lines (I hope that is what they are called before Jason feels the need to correct me!). I guess he saw them as unnecessary and delighted in the fact he could kick the color off the dirt.

Here is Lawyer swinging with the t-ball completely behind him...not certain what happened there and not sure what he thought he was swinging at. He hasn't decided if he is a lefty or righty when he hits the ball but he's REALLY good hitting left handed.

Click on the photos section on the right of this screen if you want to see more pictures. I'll keep you updated to his progress in baseball...right now he is way more interested in the fountain that nexts to the field!

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