Sunday, April 13, 2008

Branching Out

I thought I'd share with you a picture that I recently captured when the sun was setting and the sky was singing harmoniously with it. By the way, it's nice to know that even when I live in the suburbs, I can still witness the unfolding of a beautiful sunset and take pictures like these in my own backyard.

I took several pictures of it a few weeks ago but knew that this one would be my favorite. This, by the way, is SOOC (straight-out-of-camera) so nothing has been touched from this original.

But since I don't know how to let things be, I decided to play with it on my photo-editing software and so now watch as the madness unfolds:

Effect used: High Contrast (I like the psychedelic effect.)

Effect used: Preset called Toxic (Garbage Pail Kids, all the way!)

Effect used: Cross-Process

Effect used: Cyanotype (FYI - this was how blueprints were originally created)

Effect used: Infrared Film (I love the "fogginess" and eerie Sleepy Hollow look it has)

Effect used: Negative (kind of makes me think of winter - maybe it's just because of the white tree?)

My favorites are definitely the Cross-Process picture and the Infrared Film. What is your favorite? Leave me a comment and you can win my thanks and gratitude!


Anonymous said...

Cross Process for sure!

Anonymous said...

Ooops. I forgot my name on the comment.