Monday, September 1, 2008

When the wife is away, the husband will...

Work his butt off to surprise his wife when she gets home with some way cool stuff for her house!

Wow, what a husband I have. I love this man with all my heart and I have since the minute we first met. While Lawyer and I were gone the past few weeks (sorry for my absence, we went to Florida for one last Hoo-Rah before school begins this week), my husband slaved away to surprise me in a BIG way.

We had talked about him taking out the ugly fluorescent lights that were in our kitchen and put in halogen spots....and that was it. We just TALKED about it. I left not putting much emphasis on Jason doing anything but relax and soak up the solitude (I know I would!).

When I would talk to him on the phone while I was away, he kept telling me that he had started on the lights and I was excited but wasn't certain if it would be completed when I got home (home renovation is next to impossible to complete with a 3 year old that wants to "help").

Look at what he did!

When I walked through the front door and made my way to the kitchen, I saw my beautiful halogen spots. Then as I looked around I saw THE light I wanted from Pottery Barn hanging over my dining table (is this not the COOLEST light you have ever seen?). There had been an original white/brass UGLY fan that was not even centered over the eating area, it was about 3 feet over from where this new light is.

And then, as if in a dream, I looked around more and my husband had my 6 burner gas cooktop installed!!!!!!!
At that point, I think I jumped up and down and was screaming "Oh my Gosh!!". We had gotten this cook top back in August of last year and it has been sitting in the box in our kitchen for a year so this was completely like Christmas for me. The three burners on the left side can all be turned on to make one huge burner to put a griddle/grill on top or make gravy from the pan drippings in your roasting pan.

He also cleaned the kitchen, which he could have done just that and I would have been so excited. He put halogen spots over my cook top (previously there had been NOTHING so I could never see when cooking on my crappy 1987 Jenn-Air cook top) and over my sink. Oh and he got me a new kitchen faucet with a soap dispenser on the side!

Let's see here, he also put in all new windows on the 2nd floor of our house (the cool Low-E windows that have a slight greenish tint but reflect a huge amount of sun so your house stays cool...he's in the glass business). He re-arranged our furniture in the living room downstairs (we can't be confined to one furniture arrangement for long).

And then upstairs in what used to be the world's ugliest bathroom (I wish I had pictures from when we first moved in...this is a dream bathroom compared to what it did look like), he bought an awesome mirror that I instantly recognized from Z Gallerie (both Jason's and my favorite store).

Whew...this guy stayed busy while I was gone!! What a guy I've got...I've loved him beyond belief before I even knew he was getting all this done and now, I'm just all the more proud to call him my husband.

Thank you Jason for being so sweet and thoughtful to me!! You are truly the best!! I love you!!

PS: It has been mentioned to me that one could not believe that I would let or that Jason would take the initiative to make such huge decisions on our house without my presence. The wonderful thing about Jason is that he has impeccable taste and we both like nice things and appreciate the same things. We would rather WAIT forever for something nice that we both want than to just buy something for the sake of having it. Way to go Jason, you are wonderful to know what I like, steer clear of things I would definitely not want and take risks on things that I might not know if I like but end up loving all the same!

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Live.Love.Eat said...

Uhhhhhh, I don't get jealous much, but.....I'm jealous. No really, congrats to you. I imagine you must be absolutely thrilled. It looks beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!