Thursday, September 25, 2008

I've Joined the Ranks...

Well, with much prodding, my husband finally got me to get a new phone...a new iPhone 3G nonetheless. I really didn't want/think I need so much phone but....HOLY COW!!! This phone is amazing. In fact, it's so amazing it's scary!

What made me shrug my shoulders and say "fine, I'll take the phone" (can you believe so much arm twisting from Jason to get this phone? I really didn't want a new phone and didn't find the need to jump on the iPhone bandwagon!!!!) is that I was wanting an MP3 player for Christmas and this phone basically is an iPod as well.

But I can also check my email, get on the internet and see the internet exactly as if I were on my home computer, I have a calculator (and low-and-behold, my favorite calculator just died so perfect timing), a calendar, phone (I guess that is the main point of an iPhone), oh and I'm so excited because I downloaded an App (application for those non-iPhone users) that is a grocery list. You can't imagine how exciting that is to me!

So anyhow, I promptly went home and whipped up a carrying case so I can through it in my purse. It matches this purse here.

Anyhoo, I have SO much to blog about: Lawyer's birthday was Tuesday and his small party is on Saturday, the caterpillars that are eating my mandarin orange tree to nothing and they look like snakes, a few recipes and some random things. Oh and I might throw in a few more thoughts on the upcoming election.

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