Sunday, September 7, 2008

Choose wisely, because there is a REALLY wrong choice! Part One

*Deep Breath* Want to know something that gets my 28-year-old blood pressure up? Misinformed and misguided individuals. I know walls will be built between a few of my blog readers and myself but I ultimately have to stand up for what I believe in. This post will actually be multiple posts so if you want to hear my views, stay tuned.

For those of you who are backing the democratic ticket, let me remind you that our country was built on capitalistic democracy. This country was not formed around socialism. Not sure what socialism and the democratic ticket have in common? Well, let me remind you that socialism does not mean a FREE country, where you are: FREE to own your own home, FREE to keep your own paycheck, FREE to have choices for your child's future, FREE to make government choices. No, socialism is based on state and collective ownership. It's based on the government having more power than the people. What does that mean? Well, it means that the government basically OWNS you for the greater good. Hmm? Yeah, it means that you don't own what you think you are working hard for. It means you are NOT the boss of your elected officials.

So why is this really bad (as if all I already said wasn't bad enough)? Well, our government was originally designed to be the PEOPLE'S government where we are the bosses of our elected officials, this is the reason we get to vote. Don't you think for a moment that if and when a party that has shown socialistic backing won't begin to take away your freedoms? Even your voting power? Now this may all sound extreme but it's a glimpse into the future if we allow socialism to enter our realms of government anymore than it has. Did you know that there is socialism-based program in our government now that I think needs to be abolished? It's the welfare system. Did you know this program was supposed to be a "social welfare program designed to DECREASE the dependence on the government"? You should be wary of the word "social" to begin with and next, you should note that the welfare system INCREASES dependency on the government. I once took a sociology class (required and mad about it but learned A LOT from it) and it was noted that there are now 5th and 6th generations of family within the system? Can you imagine? Fifth and sixth generations of families UNWILLING to get themselves out of that rut???

The welfare system makes me red in the face and you want to know something really interesting? My mother, when she was 19 years old with 2 babies, was on welfare back at the beginning of the 80's. She has told me, time and time again, how incredibly HUMILIATING it was to pull out food stamps for milk, diapers, and hot dogs. She wasn't on it for long because she realized that this was not how she wanted to live her life: constantly humiliated, worthless and un-providing for her children.

My mother now owns a VERY successful business (high taxes for small business will be another issue to discuss), never graduated college, and lives the true American dream. She didn't stay in the "system". She didn't feel that the government and the American public owed her anything. She saw no reason for others paying for her way in life. America - It's time to take personal responsibility! Lost your job? Go look for a new's not that hard, I see "hiring" signs EVERYWHERE. Can't feed your children? Get out and work two jobs if need be or, here's an idea, quit having 15 kids!! The welfare system DOES NOT work and as somebody who pays part of my paycheck to support that system, I am pissed about it!! That's one of the many reasons I vote AGAINST the democratic nominees. I'm tired of paying for LAZY (why would you want to get a job when someone is going to give you FREE money), IGNORANT (or maybe not, let's face it, those welfare check recipients have it pretty good!), BITTER (of course it's my fault you had 8 kids and couldn't provide for them, I mean, who knows how those babies showed up to begin with!!) and IRRESPONSIBLE (how dare those welfare recipients take away my hard earned money!!!!) people who want to always say that it's not "my fault" I'm in this predicament. It's not "my fault" I don't have an education (note to those: low-income families actually get "free" money to go to college!! You don't have to pay it back!!). It's not "my fault" I can't afford birth control and have so many kids(um, keep your body parts to yourself?).

American people, I'm tired of the excuses. I'm tired of no action taken against these delinquents (and yes I see that what the "users" of this system are doing is a true crime against our country). And I'm mad as hell that I'm paying their way in life.

Vote against socialism, vote against empowering the welfare system (it DOES NOT WORK!!!), vote against government programs that are BROKEN and vote for McCain and Palin instead of Obama and his "changing change for change because we need change" inexperience!!

If you're not tired of my passion and desire to more informed, stay tuned. I'm sure I'll get going even more and really fan the flames on this historic upcoming election!!

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Live.Love.Eat said...

Good for you standing up for what you believe in. You make a lot of great points!