Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall Ball with the Cubbies

I think Fall Ball is my favorite compared to the traditional spring baseball season. Everything is so relaxed - it's way more about having fun (or maybe it's just that I think it's more fun because Lawyer isn't crying at every single game and practice).

Lawyer plays for the Cubs - Jason's beloved baseball team. I like the Cubs team this season really only because Lawyer gets to wear a blue/white/red shirt that really sets off his fair skin/light eyes/pink lips really well.

That's a pretty good judge of how well a team is in my book, wait, wouldn't that technically be considered "judging a book by it's cover"? Hmm, I shall ponder this the remainder of my day...

Anyhow, Lawyer's game on Saturday was lots of fun. It was somewhat cool and overcast, thanks to Ike (the hurricane, not my great uncle, which I don't even have a great uncle named Ike). The tiny kids were all over the place, except my poor child isn't so tiny....look at that giant 3 year old in the mix of those tiny 3 year olds!

Since Lawyer is so tall and really has such great conversation skills, especially for a 3 year old (I know adults that SUCK at conversation!), he always looks so much older and more mature-acting than a lot of other 3 year olds his age. Maybe I'm just biased but I see an 8 year old preparing to knock the ball out of the park, not my baby that's three!!

Look at that form (and look at those shoes...he picked out his shoes that morning)!

I think his favorite part of baseball is getting to get popcorn, bubble gum and a hot dog from the concession stand, although I don't know of any other reason to play/watch baseball besides that one reason.

The nifty little (or huge) baseball-plex has these cool bright blue awnings and metal bleachers that go perfect with Lawyer's uniform and his pretty blue eyes.

What a cute little ball player...he even has a swagger about him when he walks as if telling those that pass by that "yeah, I know I'm cool". Oh and check out the dirt on his butt...he was getting dirty on the field!

Way to go Cubbies, I never know if y'all are winning or losing but I sure have fun watching y'all play!

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Live.Love.Eat said...

How cute. Our boy is 5 now and it's really time we get him into something extra curricular. He decided to do karate but baseball is just a matter of time.