Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oh Dear...

I love fantasy/whimsical things - probably why I love children's books and movies so much....Alice in Wonderland having always been a huge favorite. I once was discussing a fantasy-like book with someone once and they told me "I don't like fantasy stuff." Um, last time I checked, most books you read for fun have some sort of fantasy value. That's why people like to read books - to put themselves in another place and in another time! Anyways...

I decided to buy some art on a whim at 8:00am this morning. I've really enjoyed the art and blog of
Emily Martin of Inside a Black Apple. Her art is intriguing and whimsical, with a slight dark-side to it. Think Alice in Wonderland meets the Adams Family.

I bought two different pieces and I can't wait to take pictures when I receive the art so I can share them.

This purchase has led me too want to paint my office...again. But not until after we have knocked out most of one of the walls between my office and living room to put double french doors in. Then I can paint it. The same color as my bedroom. I'm thinking the icy blue-green and red would look quite lovely.


On another note, I hate running. There I said it. Those that like it and love it and live it, I congratulate you because I think running sucks and anyone that can honestly say they love it should be extremely proud of themselves (and I'm not being hateful, I'm truly intrigued by those that love it). This isn't to say that I have quit my little 5k jaunt. I'm still plugging away, I'm just saying it sucks.


I rented another lens for my camera and it should be here next week, just in time for our little vacation to the beach (thank goodness!). I'm super-excited about this lens since it is an L-series lens...I can't decide if it will make me super happy to have rented it or super-sad that I will have to give it up after three weeks.


Does anybody know of anything fun to do in New Orleans that doesn't have to do with T&A? We'll only be there for a few hours worth of a stop but I like to do stuff. I was mortified when we took our son through Bourbon Street last time, even at 10:00 in the morning. I'd like something a little on the G to PG side this time. It doesn't necessarily need to be something to do, it could just be something interesting to drive through or see.


Love and Puppies, Christy said...

Hey - send me your email address. I will send you a giantly long email I just sent to my parents about New Orleans. Obviously, if you are only there for a few hours, you can barely make a dent in it, but it's a good starting point!

Anonymous said...

Running is hard but don't you feel recharged afterwards!

Amii said...

Christy - It is would love to know just something to drive through and see or whatever else. I did the whole "going through the projects to take pics of freaky voodoo queen burial sites" and the trip through Bourbon street with my then 3 year old (explain THOSE female posters to your child, that's a trip)...we like fun!

Tara (since I know it is you) - No, I feel like I need to puke my guts up but if you call that recharged, then sure, I feel recharged.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to leave my name! One of these days I might have to have a blog!
Just keep pushing yourself on the running. You have to get over that hump of it sucking so much! Then it will feel good :) Make sure you are eating the right foods, that will make a huge difference.
Have fun at the beach!

Nolan Smith said...

The New Orleans Aquarium is really nice, better than the one here in Dallas in my opinion. There is Cafe DuMonde that is basically a glorified coffee shop with beneights (spelling?) little freaking donut thingies. Right next to the cafe is the original cannon and fort where they defended against ships coming into the harbor. The convention center may have something going on, like the circus or something, and there is likely a play or some kind of a musical performance if you guys are into that. Perhaps live music not on burbon street? The warf has a bunch of kid friendly restaraunts, I think there is a margaritaville there too so I'm sure you can get your island fever on' there. :) I'll be in New Orleans this Wednesday night to meet a physician for work, but after dinner I'm not doing anything and my flight back isn't until 4pm Thursday. When are you going to be out there.?

And yes Tara is crazy, that running stuff is serious. Haha, but in all seriousness, you could ride a bicycle without likely causing yourself to puke :)