Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just Us

Because I love "Before & Afters"...

My creation

Here's Jason's "before and after" after a fabulous trip to the dentist for some teeth whitening! He has the most beautifully shaped teeth and he finally went and did something to perk them up...I love them (and him)!


Oh and here is a picture of Jason's eyes...he has the most beautiful color of eyes. They remind me of sea glass. This is a straight out of camera shot so don't think I manipulated the color of his eyes.

Me, Myself and I


Amii & Lawyer

Here's yet another Lawyer/Mom picture....I'm really starting to like the pics I'm getting with him - especially when they are silly.


The other day, I BEGGED Lawyer to let me take some "nice" pictures of him and after tears (not by me...but almost), resistance and lots of ignoring me, I thought the little photo shoot had been a waste on both of our parts...but after looking through my pictures, I liked this one a lot - despite the lack of focus (I can't decide if it is me or my camera - all my pictures lately seem REALLY out of focus...hmm).

Okay, that's it from me!

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Nolan Smith said...

:) - that's funny. He really does have nice teeth. haha. Good to see you finally made it into some pictures. Hope all is well.