Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Beginning

USS Alabama

Instead of driving the full 13 hours to the beach, we decided to make a pit stop somewhere in between just to change it up a bit. We were going to stop in New Orleans like we did last year but instead ended up in Mobile, AL. We stayed at the nicest hotel Mobile had to offer which was cool since it was super fancy but pretty cheap since, let's face it, we were only in Mobile.

Lawyer & Jason

When we got up the next morning, we stopped at the USS Alabama, a giant battleship that was in service during World War II. It's kind of a giant open-air museum of sorts since they have everything from different fighter jets, planes, subs, etc. It was pretty cool but I was NOT dressed appropriately and it was like 300% humidity there that morning.


I bet you saw this F16 and immediately started humming the theme song to Top Gun.

Lawyer & Jason

Speaking of Top Gun, Jason always gets mad since I like to call him Goose every once in a while. For some reason he thinks he should be Maverick or even Ice Man, but let's face it, he looks WAY more like Goose (plus I think Tom Cruise is a weirdo and WAY too short).


The class clown runs in the family too.


Lawyer, ironically, was dressed in a shirt that was all patriotic and said "Home of the Brave" on it.


Sitting at one of the big guns.


The dimple on the cheek gets me every time!


This just looked cool and graphic to me.

Jenni & Kevin

My sister- and brother-in-law let me take family photos of them and their new baby. This is a sneak peak and one of my favorites.

The beach is coming up next!

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