Sunday, June 1, 2008

Last Game

Lawyer finally finished his last game of Blastball for his team, the Rockies. And while it was a "rocky" start at the beginning of the season with Lawyer sobbing because he wanted to play at home rather than go stand around with a bunch of kids his age, he slowly grew to love the game.

This game was a real nail-biter, just ask Lawyer.

Remember kids, you don't need to fight over the ball, y'all are all on the SAME team!

I have no clue what he's doing on the field.

Knock it out of the park!

Yoohoo Lawyer, I'm over here!

Surprise, you're on candid camera!It needs to be noted that this kid HATES his picture being taken. I usually have to take about a hundred pictures and then sift through them to see if there is at least one that looks like he meant to look at the camera. This picture was a covert operation where I did a surprise attack by calling his name so that he would see where I was...and I hit the gold.

Also, some pictures I take are really worth clicking on so that you can see the bigger picture (and I don't mean metaphorically). The picture above is one of my chance photos that I think took me by surprise that I got it right.

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