Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bad Blogger and FREE Photography


Wow, has it really been two weeks since I blogged last? Lawyer got out of school a week and a half ago and that has been a HUGE adjustment, for both of us. I feel like I'm running like a chicken with its head cut off (eww!) with him being home!

Speaking of running, I am PROUD to say, I completed my Couch to 5K last Saturday! I am known to jump ship on all kinds of things and rarely see very much through to the end but I completed all 9 weeks (and added an extra week in between since I didn't like how well one week went...I think it was week 4). I can not believe that I can now jog for 30 minutes straight without any walking! I do have a question for you die-hard runners out there. Last night, I went for a jog and I felt so winded! I slowed my pace down (which isn't very fast to begin with) but I had side-aches galore! Granted it was 91 degrees and 55% humidity last night (which probably didn't help...felt like I was sucking on air from the tailpipe of a car) when I jogged at 9:30pm but it was torture to finish! Any reason why? I drink between 64 and 128 ounces of water a day (I actually measure my daily water intake) so I don't think I was dehydrated and I had eaten spaghetti for dinner a few hours prior to running. Switching gears now...

So, after MUCH thought, I realized that I jumped the gun too fast on the whole photography business thing. I have so much to learn both with my ability to be consistent in my photography and also who my target market will be, etc. With that said, I need all the practice I can get BEFORE I leap on the business bandwagon. SOOOO, (I can't believe I'm going to type this), I may be needing some practice shoots here in the near future. I'll write another post on some specifics for what I'll be needing, providing, where, when, etc. I'm only going to be doing a VERY limited amount of these so if you are at all interested even before I post specifics, please email me at "amiim at msn dot com" (I've heard it's better to spell out email addresses for SPAM purposes). I know for sure that, while I'm practicing, I MUST know who you are and you MUST be in the DFW area. Also, FREE should be a key word too and I'll give more specifics about that as well.

Wow, I can't believe I just put that out there! Well, that's been about it around here! I hope to have more to post in the coming weeks!

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