Monday, August 17, 2009

Some Practice

Jason let me do some test pics of him last night. I think it turned out alright (after much fretting that I wasn't getting anywhere with this photography thing!). I love photography so much since it is the most challenging hobby I have ever had. There are so many things to think about in order to get the shot that you want!

Oh and great news! I've got two practice sessions coming up! I'm so excited! If anybody wants to know how to get a FREE photography session from me, I'm gathering up additional details for exactly what you will get from me if you decide to help me get the practice I need!

Lawyer has two more weeks before he goes back to school and I'm ready to get things back to normal for all of us.

Have a wonderful Monday!

PS: Don't you like the watermarking on my pictures and the larger format? I'm working on a photography-only blog right now that will only have sneak-peaks of my practice sessions. This blog will go back to what it originally was, a blog about our life but mainly a way to share with our family and friends.

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