Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Always Halloween...

Ever since I can remember, Lawyer has LOVED to be in costume. I never considered that boys like to dress up, since I only thought of princesses and fairies but Lawyer has literally enjoyed his many costumes he owns. I first realized how awesome it would be to stock up on after-Halloween costume sales since I thought I would get something for "next year". It became an instant hit with Lawyer being able to be Bob the Builder or dressed in a NASCAR jumpsuit at the age of 2.

Now at almost 5 years old, this kid literally is in some sort of costume at some point in his day. He found a dragon costume at The Children's Place yesterday (thanks Auntie, we finally used his gift card!) and he.would.not.leave.without.it. Period.

It is the cutest costume and seeing how he is really into dinosaurs, crocodiles and knights...he can pretend until his hearts content.

Oh and he did not take this costume off from lunch-time until bed-time. I think tomorrow I might dress up like Glenda the Good Witch!

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