Friday, August 28, 2009

A "Macro" Thing

I really love photographing people, it is such a challenge to me to be able to capture a person's personality in a photo. But I don't always have people to practice on.

I read that you could take a lens, attach it to your camera and then take another lens and reverse it and hold it up to the lens that's attached to your camera to make a "faux" macro lens - the kind of lens that allows you to see all 800 eyes on the compound eye of a fly. I'm sure it would have been WAY easier to just get a reversal ring so that I could actually attach the second lens to my first lens but I like to do things the hard way.

This dragon-fly was pretty big and I was so close to him that his wings were touching the lens.

Obviously it's all out of focus or the focus isn't hitting where it needs to be. Macro lenses require a VERY steady hand, preferably a tripod, in order to not have any camera shake...a macro lens is that sensitive to vibration of any kind.

Anyhow, thanks for looking!

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