Sunday, July 12, 2009

It Must Be Summer...


I kind of have no desire to do a lot of blogging, which is fine by me. Life calls daily from the moment I wake up to a quiet house to the moment my head hits the pillow at night.


Every once in a while, I get on a kick to try out self-portraits. It's more a way for me to work on getting skin tones more true, eyes that are in focus and the different natural light my house provides me with.


This is my favorite picture I have ever taken of Jason and I took it this morning. For some reason, door ways are the best places for great lighting and my back door way does magical things with lighting.


And of course, a blog post here would be nothing without a picture of my mischievous child. The ruby-red lips were courtesy of a popsicle he was eating when I took the picture.


Elephant Ear

And these were just interesting leaves in my yard that I did crazy things to.

Hope you have had a beautiful weekend!

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