Tuesday, July 7, 2009

All Over the Place

Here's another un-cohesive post but it will be full of pictures! I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing...hmm.


Anyway, here are a few more from my little test shoot with Lawyer yesterday. I love learning new things with my camera and I really think that I got the hang of it, though it is not even near perfect.


I rode my bike on a trail nearby to see if there was anything worthy of photographing. My main purpose was to find a new location that I might be able to take a neighbor-girl nearby to take some practice pictures of her. The place was cool but not NEARLY what it looked like about a month ago. Last month, the grass was really tall and the wild flowers were out in full force...but I still think that I could get some fun pictures here.




Oh and our 4th of July celebration was a blast...literally. We ate, drank, swam and shot off illegal fireworks in the city. Good times.


Lawyer & Jason


This is my parent's new outdoor living space/bar...it's called the Landshark.





Oh and my artwork came in while I was on vacation! These two pieces are amazing to me. Like I mentioned before, it's like Alice in Wonderland meets The Adams Family. Love it!



I got them at The Black Apple Etsy store. You can go to her etsy shop to buy and to her blog to see all her wonderful things.

Thanks for stopping by...oh and if anybody has any amazing places in North Texas for me to check out for photography reasons, leave me a comment to tell me where to visit!

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Nolan Smith said...

Holy cow, Bill and Cindy have gone nuts with the Landshark! That looks fabulous. Pretty soon Kenny Chesney and Jimmy B are gonna wanna play at That venue. Tell ur momma she rocks... she'll prolly say "I already know that!" or something smart ;)