Friday, April 24, 2009

I Love My Little Pirate...



I'm also loving the navy wall with the "W"...I've got a great idea for a family picture but I have to find the chair I have in mind that I can paint white and upholster white to use as a prop....

Here is the style that I like:

*Antique-style French chairs
*Ornate carved wood base - as long as it's in good shape wood-wise (minimal gouges or nicks) I don't care if the finish is good or bad shape since I want to paint it
*I want the back kind of tall...maybe 5 feet tall
*Upholstered...any kind in any shape since I want to re-upholster it myself
*I want arms on it since I want it to look regal and kind of mainly (think king's chair)

So without further adieu, here are some pics of chairs I like...if any of you happen to find a chair meeting my specifications, let me know! But the kicker is, I don't want to spend over $50.00...hahahaha!!

Awesome Couch Alert!! I think this couch is only $ tempting but Jason would gag!

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