Thursday, April 9, 2009


A Little Ear Action

Last weekend, was our town's annual Easter Egg Hunt. It's so cute to see hundreds of little bodies running around the baseball fields fetching eggs. Last year's was the best since it was the "toddler" age group that Lawyer was in....none of those kids knew what to do or really had much interest besides the pushing and persuading from their parents.

Scoping his territory

This year, Lawyer got to be with the "big kids". Lawyer was all pumped up and ready to start grabbing eggs.

The Strategy

Jason and Lawyer discussed the strategy...should they march onward? Should the do a zig-zag maneuver?

On the Prowl

Lawyer hunted eggs like a pro...he used the bend and grab method...much more effective than the stand and grab method. Also, Lawyer was prepared for a flood.

Basket o' Eggs

Here's his full basket...what's with the hand?

The Boys

Look! Lawyer's actually looking at my camera and smiling. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that one of his most favorite people is sitting next to him...his "Nano" (aka his uncle).

The Goods

Cracking eggs open is serious business.

Happy Boy

Lawyer agrees - this year's Egg Hunt was a huge success!

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