Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's a Wrap!

I finally finished (well, almost) a scarf that I had begun knitting back at the beginning of summer. I wanted to learn to knit and thought a scarf would be a great first time project. It WOULD have been except I had your everyday-run-of-the-mill yarn (and it was acrylic, yuck!) and I had size 8 needles....both of those combined with an inexperienced (it was my first attempt at knitting ever) knitter that knitted at a snail's pace resulted in a ridiculously tight knitted scarf. Only, it's not a scarf. I got overwhelmed by the length of this scarf (I mean it took me over 6 months just to get 2' of scarf and I wanted to have 5') so I binded it off yesterday to make a neck wrap, more or less. I've got to put a button-loop and a nice chunky wooden button on it to make it officially complete, but I'm satisfied with it overall.

The acrylic yarn is disgusting, I have to say. It's not really comfortable, especially when it's up against delicate neck skin, and it's entirely too hot (once again, it is acrylic which is really plastic so basically I feel like I've wrapped my neck in plastic wrap) but should the weather dip below 50 degrees here, it ought to be nice and toasty - or scratchy and sweltering, one of the two.

So thank goodness that project is over! I do have to say that as quickly as I binded off on this scarf, I immediately began another one. This time I've got a wool blend bulky weight yarn and size 13 needles and the scarf is knitting up quite quickly. I've already got about 6" of the scarf done in about 40 minutes so I figure that before Christmas I should have it entirely complete (hey, 40 minutes is a dream to have that much down-time to knit!).

Here's to scratching off something on my to-do list!

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