Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Gifts: Hit or Miss

Holy Cow...this gift right here would have been a prized possession had I gotten this as a child. Wait, I do believe I did get one as a child and I LOVED it!

I found a microscope set that has a ton of accessories with it and most of those accessories look like weapons to be used. This is a little "old" for Lawyer to get - mainly because of the accessories - since it is for ages 8 and up. But I have a question for you, who would even allow their 8 year old to play with a scalpel? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller? Anybody?

So most of the items will be confiscated and brought out only on VERY special occasions (namely when I feel up to dissecting bugs, worms, slugs, etc) but the microscope is beautiful. I think it's made of aluminum, which I was really thinking that it would be made of plastic, so it exceeded my expectations when I opened the package.

It came with a few slides but I bought additional slides of insect parts for Lawyer and I to view. Plus you can prepare your own slides which I think will be the most fun. Anyone up for cutting apart a inch-worm to look at? Anyone?

We'll see how well the light/magnification works on this, since that's truly the working part of the microscope but overall, I think this will be a huge hit. If you would like to buy your own microscope set, you can buy it

Also, if you would like to buy a more "age-appropriate" microscope for those under the age of 8, you can buy a nice-looking set
here. This is way more expensive than what I have bought but I'm sure the quality of this one will be better than I got also.

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