Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Gifts: Hit or Miss

I bought the two separate sets below knowing that I would like them but I need to revise that...I LOVE them! Lawyer is going to flip out when he sees these two animal sets, he loves to play what he calls "animal rescuer".

Here is the first animal set. I love the detailing on the animals and I love the variety. It's not often that you can just go to the store and buy animal figures of porcupines and squirrels. The tree is this big rubbery plastic forest tree...I will admit the one I got is a little wicky-jawed but I'm sure this detail will be overlooked by Lawyer (although, he is pretty anal about things being perfect). I love that the owl and eagle have their wings spread. This set also came with a log and some boulders that you can place wherever you like...I nice touch for a child that likes to create their own scenes.

And this is the second set. The mountain is going to be a HIT with Lawyer, I can tell you right now! The only thing that I can see will be frustrating about the mountain specifically is that the ledges are completely flat (as they aren't in real-life either) and when I was setting up the animals they would fall off if they weren't positioned just right. The good news is that Lawyer attends a Montessori school and they are all about trial-and-error for self-correction so I see this mountain as a challenge that Lawyer will just need to overcome (although I'm sure the first few times the animals might be thrown against the wall and some "special" words of Lawyer's might come out!) and he will. Oh and the best part is that most of these animals have babies and Lawyer will get a kick out of that.

So I definitely give these two sets two thumbs up! If you want to purchase these sets, you can get it
here and here.

Oh and Lawyer is OBSESSED with volcanoes....I mean the kid gets crazy when he sees lava flowing on TV or if he sees something even related to a volcano. So, since Lawyer loves to set up all kinds of sets for his figures to play in, I'm going to be making him a paper-maiche volcano that will be complete with a hollow center to actually put in the correct household items to let it erupt! Lawyer has a science experiment kit and the "erupting volcano" that we make is his absolute favorite.

Anyhow, I'll probably be posting a step-by-step of making the volcano should you have a yearning to make one for the special 4-year-old-obsessed-with-volcanoes boy!

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