Friday, August 1, 2008


I've got so much that I want to post about and lately, not enough time!! This next month will be crazy since Lawyer will be out of school. His "Hantie" will be here tonight and stay through part of next week. Then we'll be back at the beach the last two weeks of August and come home just in time for school, baseball, and, fingers crossed, martial arts to start.

Our little 3 year old is probably not unlike most 3 year olds, however, he's got a will so strong that nobody can break it. I love his fierce, strong-willed nature and would NEVER want to change that about him. A lot of people see that sort of behavior as defiant, un-moldable and out of control. I, however, love that he has a spirit and a passion for life, even at 3 years old. These are the characteristics that make a like-able, self-sufficient and successful leader, which this world needs more of. I would never try to control him to stamp out this personality of his.

Our biggest obstacle is getting him to cooperate and have respect for others (part of a 3 year oold strong-willed nature, for sure) so we are hoping to get him involved in Tae Kwon Do down the street. I've heard so many great things about martial arts, especially with children that seem difficult. Lawyer just needs an outlet...his little mind and body just can't contain and control all his zest for life. So instead of suppressing his character, I'm hoping to funnel it up and give him direction. I think that he'll for sure learn self-control, respect and be more focused.

Anyone out there have their kids in martial arts? I would love to hear how it helped (or hurt) your kids!!

In other news, I'm going to be cooking up some great food so be on the look-out for Poached Salmon with Spinach, Lemon and Raisins (might not sound good but it is OH so delicious and very easy to make!), a deconstructed guacamole called Avocado Salad and I might throw in an Apple Galette, Watermelon Margarita and maybe some homemade pizza!!

I also need some ideas to help me decorate some rooms in my house so be sure to let me know your ideas when I post some pictures of rooms in our house! I have an overall taste and basic furnishings, it's just those finishing touches (excuse this, but I call it clutter and crap that has no function but to collect dust) that I'm really needing to make the rooms go from "has potential" to "wow!".

Can't wait to start posting!

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Stephanie said...

I wish I could tell you about martial arts but we're looking to start our 4 1/2 yo in that soon! I think it'll be great for him since he is SO into pretend battling as a superhero and all. I get a little nervous about it but hey, there's nothing to lose. I'm looking forward to your recipes, especially if they look as good as your skillet potatoes!