Friday, August 8, 2008

Sweet Dreams

My husband and child have a fondness for taking naps together. I can't get Lawyer to take a nap otherwise but the Sand Man gently pushes them into dreamland the minute Jason and Lawyer curl up together.

Ah, I love this child. No matter how much he grows and how old he gets, he still has a sweet, tender baby-ness to him when he sleeps.

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Live.Love.Eat said...

OMGosh. This is a very beautiful photograph. I can relate to how you feel. Although my little guy does not take naps, it just melts me heart when I see him and my hubby cuddled up. Even this morning when we said goodbye to hubby, my little guy crawled up on the bed and was caressing his Daddy's leg. It's beautiful watching the bond between our husband and little boy. Magical.......