Thursday, August 7, 2008

All Play and No Work

Since having moved into over twice the space that we previously were living in, it's been so much fun to invent a space and just as tedious to figure out how to decorate it. So that's why I'm enlisting your help.

Here is my son's playroom. I DREAMED of a space for him for so long. We lived in a 1500 square foot house that had 3 bedrooms. While the master bedroom was quite large, the two other bedrooms didn't feel much bigger than closet spaces to me. And I had an office occupying one of the bedrooms. Needless to say there was no available space for my son to call his own.

And then we bought this house. Oh, how I love this house for so many reasons. The added bonus of getting so much extra space (all 3300 square feet of it) was a dream come true. But then reality hits you that not only do you have more space to feel free in but you also have that much more space to decorate, fill up, what-have-you.

I love Lawyer's playroom. My mom and I immediately pulled up the carpet and installed a laminate wood flooring from Ikea (since, let's be honest...a playroom, a little boy and, quite possibly, some paint, was not going to be kind to cream-colored carpet). Then the most beautiful shade of blue was painted in the room and Jason and I were building some Ikea shelves to house all the toys Lawyer has accumulated in his short life span. My pictures suck, as far as keeping the colors uniform in all of them, I was hurrying along and I've been sick. But I can say the picture above is true to the actual wall color.
While I'm loving that we have the basics taken care of, I'm really wanting to add the details to make it go from predictable to praise-worthy. Any suggestions? I know that we will be putting in halogen-spots throughout the room to make it feel light and open but other than that, I'm at a loss. I also think crown molding would look really nice.

The closet is a pretty good size and that's where his gazillion costumes are (boys love to be pirates and superheros as much as girls like to be fairies and princesses!) and games and puzzles...but it needs just as much work.

Let me know what you would do!!


Live.Love.Eat said...

Hey there! I love this room, the color, the big shelving area, and the wood floors. Maybe it just needs some softness, some texture, like a small area rug or wall art made from material, or a mural. I'm no designer, I'll stick to cooking which leads me to say that salmon looks unreal!!! My hubby doesn't like salmon so I eat it on my own occasionally.

Amii said...

Thanks so much for your input...there is usually an area rug (a kids play rug from Ikea) but we rolled it up to play with his trains. I like the idea of maybe putting up some contemporary looking curtains on the window but hate the dust that collects (I loathe dusting). Wall art is a great idea, I've got work to do!

Thanks for the salmon comment. It's an amazing recipe. Maybe fix yourself salmon and him a piece of chicken with the relish on it...he might even be tempted to try your salmon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amii!

The room looks great. It sounds like you are wanting it to be a little softer? I would recommend adding some fun kid friendly soft seating. Maybe a fun chair or an ottoman. I think some lamps would also help make the room look more cozy as well as interesting. Lighting always makes the biggest impact in a space.

Anonymous said...

I also think a really big clock would be cool!