Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week Three is Completed!

Well, my weight went up but I can tell you right now, I think I lost several inches in my waist and in my hips/thighs. I worked hard last week so I'm thinking the weight gain could be muscle mass, right? I certainly feel like I've lost quite a bit of weight...darn it, I should have just measured myself instead of weighing myself!

So my weigh-in weight this week was 136. I'm now going to the gym and doing a lot of elipitical (mainly because I feel like a dunce with any of the weights/machines). Oh and I injured my left wrist...and I'm 100% certain it was from a yoga move. I looked it up and it looks like I injured the radial collateral ligament...pretty common to hurt and man does it hurt! The only way it feels good is by keeping it wrapped tight so I can't bend my wrist.

I've eaten a bunch of crap (wait, could that be the reason for the weight gain?) this week, not a lot but just not terribly good for me type foods. I'm hoping the homemade gazpacho and grilled chicken we will be having tonight will be just want the "doctor" ordered!

Anyhow, I keep on keepin' on...at least I'm starting week four and I haven't fallen off the bandwagon. Here's to three more weeks!

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