Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter and I'm still chugging along!

HE IS RISEN! Happy Easter everyone! I hope every Christian out there remembers that this day to remember Christ is the reason we can call ourselves Christians!! Lawyer had us cracking up this morning when he snuck down to our bed and proceeds to tell us it's time to get up because the Easter bunny came. I asked how he knew and he said "I came downstairs saw my basket but then covered my eyes to come into your room". Aw, how cute. He wanted to make sure we saw him go through his basket.

Onto my weight loss journey...

Even though I didn't post the past two days doesn't mean I've given up! Friday I felt terrible and Saturday was super busy with photography sessions. I did manage to go for a run yesterday even though I know I should have probably just taken a nap with how bad I felt.

Eating has been awful the past two days. Friday, I managed to eat a bowl of shredded wheat for breakfast but then didn't eat until dinner and pigged out on less-than-stellar Patrizio's. Blech. Saturday was even worse. I drank my morning coffee, left for an early morning shoot, came back and ate Potbelly's (seriously, if you are trying to lose weight, why on God's green earth would you eat at a place named Potbelly's???), went to my evening shoot and then complained and whined about how hungry I was until about 11:30pm, Jason went to Taco Bell and we ATE IN BED (on a side note, I grabbed the first taco and I noticed the shell was red which it usually isn't...asked my husband if he got something different and he said, holy crap, I can handle hot food but this taco melted the insides of my mouth...husband proceeds to say "Maybe that was the new VOLCANO taco I got". Apparently Taco Bell has a Volcano Taco where the shell and filling is nothing but melt-your-tongue heat...thanks for the warning JASON)! How gross!?

Water in-take sucked too...I'm feeling it today. I feel like I should not only drink a barrel of water but I should wade in it as well and hope that displacement happens to help me absorb what water I lack.

But today is a new day and tomorrow is weigh-in day...I'm hoping that what little I have done was enough to lose a pound!

Happy Easter!

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