Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Experience

My family and I got a chance to attend the first regular season home game at the new Cowboys Stadium on Sunday. I had been to the stadium before when the George Straight/Reba concert was the first event to take place there but it was a totally different experience for the football game.

I have to say, I DO NOT LIKE SPORTS. Sorry if you do, but it is not my cup of tea. I'm up for doing things with my family and trying out something new so we went to the Cowboy's game. Apparently, the attendance was an all-time record in the history of the NFL (105,000+ people) but it didn't feel crowded so that was nice. We were on the Suite Level so we had these super-nice cozy chairs, nice bathrooms, open bar (well, open in that they offered more than just beer) and a great view.

It was a STAR-studded event, to say the least. George W. Bush and Laura was there to flip the coin.

Jordan Sparks sang the National Anthem, they unveiled the Ring of Honor football players so Troy Aikman, Tom Landry, Emmit Smith, Michael Irvin, etc. were all there. I'm sure I'm forgetting others that we saw.

The flag was AMAZING! So cool...and the military men/women made it "wave" when Jordan sang the line "...banner yet wave..." It was just beautiful.

All Lawyer could talk about the whole-time was "When are the Cheerleaders going to come out?"....seriously, that was ALL he could talk about. So he obliged when I asked him if he wanted his picture taken with the cheerleaders dancing in the background. That's a first.

It was a good time, all in all. I do have to say...I do NOT understand sports fans. I find that most of the time they are rude, inconsiderate and immature. We were walking into the stadium and these Cowboy fans (grown men/women...seriously?) next to us saw a group of Giants fans and out of nowhere they start saying "F.U. Giants...Giants are F'ing Losers...F.U...F.U..." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? I'm having to walk in with my son listening to a bunch of loser sports fans. #6421 for why I HATE sports!

PS: All the photos were taken with my iPhone.

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