Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Birthday Party

We opted for a very small birthday party for Lawyer...just my family. Lawyer talked and talked about his friends coming to his birthday party and where he would have it at but the school he goes to is not one where it's the kids in the neighborhood. Nothing wrong with that but it just means that you never get to know the parents since everyone is from all over the area (some several towns away).

I have to say that Lawyer is an extremely thoughtful present-opener. He really takes his time to look at and investigate each and every one of his presents instead of tearing into one package and immediately moving on. It makes present-opening that much special to watch.

Thank you to everyone that called him on his birthday. He enjoyed it every time I said "Lawyer, you have a phone call," and then I loved watching his face light up as the person(s) on the other end would sing "Happy Birthday" was truly priceless to watch. So thank you!

This child is truly a blessed child to have so many people think of him and love him. I could not be more proud to call him my son and the last 5 years have been filled with nothing but joy and blessings with having him in my life. Even at five years old, he is a magnet to others with his smile, humor and personality. It will be interesting to watch him as he grows up because I know that he is a natural-born leader.

Lawyer, I could not imagine you not being in my life. You have given me so much these past five years and I've grown in so many ways by having you in my life.

Each day is a present and a party with you, Lawyer.

Thank you for being such a respectful and polite little boy.

Thank you that you will do ANYTHING for a laugh, bringing laughter to others is one of your many gifts.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, one that will be a memory of yours for years to come.

And I pray that you always keep your spunk and individuality because you are truly one of a kind.

I love you, sweet boy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Amii! Thank you so much for posting some photos that show Lawyer with some of the gifts I sent him for his birthday - I loved getting to see him with them and even opening up one of the gifts! You are such a great Mom and I love the new picture of the three of you. Lawyer is so sweet to talk to on the phone - I really miss not getting to see him more often but I'm happy he knows who I am when we talk. He told me he and I are going to build a REAL world's biggest birthday machine next time I visit! I'm inspired by your photos and had bought a new Nikon D300 last year to use for Real Estate and general photography - which has always been a dream of mine -but haven't had the time to really learn about it much. Maybe when we visit in January you can give me some tips! This is an awesome blog and I love getting to see Lawyer grow through your eyes. Tell your Mom hi from me - I loved getting to actually meet her and talk with her during our last visit! Love, Aunt Sue

Kerry said...

I found your blog from ClickinMoms. I just had to leave a comment to tell you how much I love your photography! I particularly love how clear and crisp all your photos are and your wonderful skin tones. Do you have any secrets? Are you getting these skin tones SOOC or are you doing color corrections? Are they this sharp sooc? What kind of camera are you using?